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Orphaned child reunited with Aunt in Australia

We had the joy of reuniting an orphaned child from South Sudan with her Aunt and family here in Brisbane, Australia. It was incredibly sad to hear Alek's story - the death of both her parents from the South Sudan war and her life in the refugee camp. It has taken 2 years for her visa approval but now, at the age of 12, Alek has just commenced her school life and the beginning of her educational years here in Australia!

To celebrate her arrival we were able to present her with a welcome pack from AAI. This approval brings reassurance of her safety for her family and secures her a chance at living a long and happy life here in Australia. Alek's arrival here in Australia has not only been celebrated by her Aunt and family but also by their local community - the support has been overwhelming!

Days like today remind us that our hard work can change lives!

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