What our Clients say about us


We are absolutely satisfied with the way All About Immigration through the person of Susan Horne provided the service to us.   The informality and professionalism was very well balanced during the whole process and we appreciated that a lot.   All the messages we have received were very detailed and any doubt that we had was promptly clarified on the phone with Sue.   Our recommendation is that AAI do not change this characteristic that makes them different in the market.   It was a pleasure to work with you.   For sure we are going to get in contact again when we are ready to apply for the citizenship! ;-)  Thank you very much, Sue!   Success to you and all your team. 

Clodoaldo and Jacqueline, March 2020

From initial contact , through to achieving my permanent residency, Sue and staff were very efficient & professional. Their communication was excellent, and certainly made it a stress free process.  I would highly recommend using All About Immigration for any residency or citizenship issues .    Thanks , 

Graham, February 2020

We were always treated with respect and dignity by All About Immigration and felt like none of our questions were ever too complex. You were always trying to walk in our shoes and answered hard questions with simple answers. We were always given exceptional care and attention. Oskar and Elza, September 2019

We are extremely happy with the service provided by Sue and her team at All About Immigration.  Sue is very professional and genuine, she always kept us up to date with our applications and provided relevant information and realistic opinions on possible outcomes.  Sue was always easily contactable and was very involved in the whole process.  It was very evident that Sue is a kind, caring and empathetic lady, she gave ongoing support through the whole process and we can't thank her enough for all she has done.  We wish Sue and her team all the best and highly recommend their service.

Lauren, August 2019

I was truly satisfied working with All About Immigration during the whole process.

Ibrahim, August 2019

All About Immigration service was a god sent service for family and myself. We were trying to apply for work visa and we had gone through so many other immigration agent and just never got anywhere with it. We were so lucky to have come across All About immigration agent and had the privilege to have Sue Horne as our immigration Agent and she was great!! She never gave up and was always ready for anything that was needed to be done. She managed to get us our visa and we are now working in rural area and we are in the process of getting our PR done so we are so very grateful. It’s a very friendly, professional service and their get the job done.  Thank you once again.  Vela, July 2019

All About Immigration gave my family a second chance to feel love once again, my family and I came to Australia seeking refuge due to the civil war in my country, 10 years later we settled to Australia but our hearts was  still in pain because of our Niece who have been separated from us during the war, thanks to All about immigration after years of separation My niece is finally coming home.

David, July 2019

Great experience!

Rachel, June 2019

All About Immigration is a great company provides immigration services in Australia on the highest level for their clients. They can assist you with all categories of work, student, tourist, and resident visas. Friendly staff will give you best advice in your situation and they worth every dollar they cost.     Best wishes   

Alex, June 2019