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Resettlement in Australia presents the chance to make a fresh start in a country that offers new experiences, career opportunities and standards of living among the best in the world.
All About Immigration is experienced in helping to make this significant life change smooth and hassle-free for people from all over the globe.

Despite the positives of resettlement, it’s important to consider the challenges that an international move can bring. Local knowledge, contacts and familiar faces will be replaced by a completely new community of streets, people, business and schools; this is where our local expertise and friendly advice will help you and your family to make informed decisions about your exciting future.


Our capabilities enable us to provide you with a community report on the area to which you are intending to move, outlining healthcare facilities, shopping centres, transport, cultural clubs and places of worship. In many cases we are also able to fast-track introductions to community leaders and organisations.


If you are considering education for your children, or perhaps yourself, we are able to provide an overview of relevant kindergartens, schools, universities and other facilities. Once you’ve narrowed your search we will arrange school tours for you.

Professional Links

We can link you with relevant professional bodies and networks to establish your business network and career, as well as information on local work practices and ethics.


Once you have established the essentials, our cultural overview will give you an insight into the unique characteristics of the Australian way of life. We can meet your needs, whether you require a group tour of Australia, or general survival courses on Australian educate or safety such as beach safety.

We love the Australian way of life, and you will too.

Make an appointment today to find out if Australia is the place for you.

All About Immigration | Sue Horne
All About Immigration | Sue Horne
All About Immigration | Sue Horne
All About Immigration | Sue Horne
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