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Global Impact

We are working together to help create a better future through our lifetime partnership with B1G1: Business for Good.

All About Immigration | Sue Horne

Our Total Impacts

All About Immigration is committed to making a difference and we want to positively impact people's lives on a global scale.

Our partnership with B1G1: Business for Good is an amazing Global Giving Initiative that allows us to make a social giving impact, simply because you are a client of ours.

In just two short years, together with our clients, we have been able to create 1,578 giving impacts. As you can see on our Business for Good World Map below, our giving impacts have so far reached Peru, South Africa, Kenya, Ukraine, India, Nepal, Vietnam and Australia. With the lives of so many already benefiting from our giving, we are excited about how much we can achieve together in the future. 


How you can be involved

Getting involved is easy! Everytime we receive a Visa outcome, we donate to a featured project on your behalf. We work with you to make sure you have the opportunity to chose a cause that is close to your heart so that we can make the most meaningful giving impacts together.

We want to make sure that every time we do business here at All About Immigration we are working together with our clients to further our giving impacts to enhance the lives of others and create a better world. 



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