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We are a dedicated team who prides themselves on taking a personal approach to each and every one of our valued clients, building long-standing and trusting relationships with individuals, businesses, foreign government representatives and peak bodies.

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Sue Horne

Principal Consultant 

Australian Immigration Law 

When it comes to a genuine passion for helping clients reach their immigration goals, Sue Horne’s international reputation precedes her.

Her sincere nature and entrepreneurial spirit, backed by years of diplomacy experience working with national and foreign governments has made Sue the consultant of choice for many aspiring immigrants all over the world.

Sue’s enthusiasm for building relationships on a global scale has seen her awarded the national Chinese Friendship Award in 2009, with the Chinese President remarking “Sue has won the hearts of the Chinese nationals and helped in the advancement of social harmonisation and modernisation of the country”.

Locally, Sue holds honorary membership of the Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin;  was nominated for the Telstra Woman of the Year Award for Business Excellence, and held executive positions on the Australia China Business Council and Chambers of Commerce.

Sue’s formal qualifications include a Graduate Certificate in Business Management, a Masters in Business Administration and post graduate qualifications in Australian Immigration Law and Practice.

MBA, Grad Cert Immi Law, JP 

All About Businesses

We are passionate about assisting companies in bringing skilled and committed workers to Australia as efficiently as possible. Importing workers in this manner provides an invaluable boost to the businesses we work with, as well as local and national economies as whole.

All About Individuals

On a more humanitarian scale, we also help those people who have endured untold hardship as refugees from countries not as fortunate as ours. The individuals we help all have fascinating and sometimes challenging backgrounds, yet add invaluably to the diverse fabric that is Australia’s multicultural society.

All About Couples

We are proud of our couples and understand it is a very difficult situation to endure a long distance relationship.

Yet many of our couples do. Those who have fallen in love in Australia, and want to stay permanently to share the rest of their lives together, also find it difficult, as they are continually concerned about their future together. Did you know that if you are an international citizen and you are, in a defacto relationship or married to an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia, you do not automatically have the right to stay in Australia? If you are an international citizen, engaged to be married in Australia, once married, you also cannot remain in Australia.

We understand how daunting and concerning it can be to bring your life together under the same roof, however, we can make your journey to remaining together for the rest of your life under the same roof, in the same country, worry free! 


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