The Australian Immigration System contains many different visa categories to suit various individual circumstances. The vast range can be difficult to negotiate and requires an in-depth knowledge of specific laws and conditions imposed by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Speak to us about how we can help you find the right visa.

The following information is not conclusive and is designed to provide you with an overview of the more popular visa types. We urge you to complete the assessment form or contact us via email or telephone for an assessment so we can develop the best possible pathway for you.



Becoming an Australian citizen is the final step on the immigration journey for many people. It is an expression of their commitment to Australia and an acknowledgement of the opportunities it has provided.

In return, for Australia as a whole it is a chance to thank immigrants for the significant social and economic contribution they make to our wonderful country, by recognising them as truly Australian.

All About Immigration is proud of the strong work ethic and diverse richness immigrants bring through culture, language, cuisine, arts and history.




Resettlement in Australia presents the chance to make a fresh start in a country that offers new experiences, career opportunities and standards of living among the best in the world.
All About Immigration is experienced in helping to make this significant life change smooth and hassle-free for people from all over the globe.

Despite the positives of resettlement, it’s important to consider the challenges that an international move can bring. Local knowledge, contacts and familiar faces will be replaced by a completely new community of streets, people, business and schools; this is where our local expertise and friendly advice will help you and your family to make informed decisions about your exciting future.


Legal Matters

If you have had a visa cancelled or refused we urge you to come and talk to us.  We will handle your matter in a very confidential and professional manner.  We will assess your situation, and discuss a relevant forward pathway.  Perhaps the reason for refusal is worth reviewing, and you need to be represented through one of the review tribunals.

We can also assist with Ministerial Intervention matters, waivers in regards to overstays and 8503 conditions;  and other relevant areas of Australian Immigration Law.  As these matters often have strict urgent deadlines that need to be met under the Law, do not delay – call us today.