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Are you a NZ Citizen living in Australia?

New Zealand citizens are able to apply for a special New Zealand stream of the Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189). Most New Zealand citizens are automatically granted a Special Category 444 visa every time they enter Australia.  This is a temporary visa which allows New Zealand citizens to live and work in Australia indefinitely. However, it is still a temporary visa and does not offer as much security as permanent residency would. We love helping New Zealand citizens who have made Australia their home, to gain Australian permanent resident status, especially if they are looking for a pathway to Australian citizenship.

Permanent residents of Australia are able to:

  • Work or study anywhere in Australia

  • Stay in Australia indefinitely

  • Sponsor eligible family members to becoming permanent residents

  • Enrol in Medicare

  • Travel to and from Australia for 5 years

  • Become an Australian citizen (if eligible)

Dual citizenship for both countries (Australia / New Zealand) is permitted.

You may be granted this visa if you are a New Zealand Citizen residing in Australia prior to or on 19 February 2016. Have been living in Australia on a continuous basis for a period of at least 5 years. Are the holder of a SCV Subclass 444 visa. Meet health and character requirements. and have a taxable income of over $53,900 for each of the past 4 years. You can include your spouse or partner and children in the visa, even if they are not NZ Citizens or holders of the SCV Subclass 444.

Some other advantages - there is no age limit for this visa,. You do not need to fall into a particular occupational list; no skills assessment required; no sponsorship arrangements required by your employer; no points test to meet and as previously mentioned you partner and children can be included, even if they are not NZ citizens. The Australian Government has made considerations for applicants to only pay 20% of the visa application charges upon lodging your application. The remaining 80% will be due just prior to the grant of the visa. If you think you meet these requirements, give us a call on 0733108896 or email - we would love to help you call Australia home on a more permanent basis.

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