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Why you need us

Many people filing an Australian visa and immigration application believe they can do so by themselves.  However, few Australian citizens, let alone internationals, have a full understanding of the Australian migration system and Australian Immigration Law.

When you engage a migration agent, you are engaging a professional who will build a positive relationship with you to understand your individual case and needs.

The Australian Immigration System

The Australian immigration system is extremely complicated, involving many laws and regulations from several government agencies which change frequently. Application of these laws and regulations is based on each person’s individual factual circumstances.

Seemingly simple matters involving visa and immigration regulations can become confusing. Unless you deal with visa and immigration matters regularly, it is extremely difficult to work your way through the process without encountering problems. Minor errors or omissions can stop the processing of your forms in a timely manner, and interpretation errors of the substantive law may result in serious legal consequences

A registered migration agent will work closely with you to prepare your case and represent you before the Australian Embassy or administrative agency handling your application.

Migration Agent Expertise 

Registered migration agents are required to attend CPD programs to demonstrate migration knowledge for initial and ongoing annual registration. They must also complete a post graduate qualification in Australian Immigration Law and Practice at a qualified Australian university. It is illegal to practice in Australia without this academic qualification and without being registered through the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority.

​Among other requirements, registered migration agents are also required to keep a library or body of knowledge about Australian Immigration Law.  Most agents do this by subscribing to a government database, which includes current laws and procedural manuals.

Working Alone is Risky

Intense knowledge, experience, and precise analysis of each individual’s factual circumstances are required to provide advice and make decisions in immigration and visa applications.  Filing your own applications carries the risk that there may be minor mistakes or conflicting information.  These errors can be costly financially and impact on timeliness.


Once a valid visa application has been lodged and accepted by the Australian Government, in most cases, fees are not refundable in any circumstances. If an application is refused, in some circumstances this refusal can be taken to a review tribunal for further consideration; a process which can take 18 months to two years to complete.


Government agencies, call centres and general websites all offer information about immigration which in most cases won’t exactly align with your individual circumstances. Ultimately this can become confusing and could harm the success of your application.

While these are useful for background information, you may consider engaging a registered migration agent to ensure your application meets relevant criteria.


Contact us for an assessment and experience why so many people have chosen us to handle their Australian journey.

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