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Mother's Day

On Sunday, many of you would have celebrated Mother’s Day. I received messages from many of our clients wishing me a happy Mother’s Day - from within Australia and across the globe. It was really touching to be thought of. All my children came to our home on Sunday for afternoon tea and were able to enjoy a gift I was given from some of our lovely clients.

We helped a family from Latvia initially on a temporary work visa, and then into a permanent visa. The company they worked for really loved them, and the family love Australia. They are now on their way to becoming Australian Citizens. The company and the applicant family were so happy with our work that they took us out to a beautiful restaurant in Brisbane City overlooking the river. It was a wonderful evening. They arrived with the biggest bunch of flowers I have ever seen and brought me gifts. One of the gifts was a beautiful white linen tablecloth. It was made in Latvia! It is just amazing - the quality of the tablecloth is just beautiful. Well I have been looking for a special occasion to christen this tablecloth.

Mother's day just seemed to be perfect for it. We all sat around that tablecloth, eating home cooked muffins and pancakes, fruit, and other goodies while we chatted and created more life memories. I told my family about that tablecloth. Everyone loved it. That table looked so pretty with elegant cake stands; pretty plates; and special dishes.

We were too busy enjoying each other’s company that no-one took a photo of the beautiful tablecloth in use. I was spoilt by my family and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

I would love to hear how you spent your Mother’s Day - send us an email on

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