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We are proud to have partnered with B1G1: Business for Good. They are an amazing Global Giving Initiative that allows us to make a social giving impact, on behalf of our clients. We have a lifetime partnership with them.

Every time we receive a visa outcome, we give to a featured project on behalf of our clients. We often work with our clients so they have the opportunity to choose a cause that is close to their hearts and so we can make the most meaningful giving impacts together.

We want to make sure that every time we do business here at All About Immigration, we are working together with our clients to further our giving impacts, so that together we can impact the lives of others, to create a better world.

In the few years we have been partnered with B1G1, together with our clients, we have been able to create 6,186 giving impacts. Our giving impacts have included providing hygiene products, access to clean water, special life education programs, shelter and medical support to people in need. Our impacts have so far reached countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Ukraine, India, Nepal, Vietnam as well as here in Australia.

To see our full giving impacts map go to our website

We are excited about having a business that can affect so many lives within Australia and across the globe. We are even more exicted about how much we can achieve together in the future. If you want to be part of our giving impacts, or if you own a business and would like more information about the B1G1 program, please get in touch with us. Simply go to and fill in our survey or email us at

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