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Newborn children need Visas

Today I would like to share a story with you – just in case you ever find yourself in the same situation.

We have a lovely couple, which we brought to Australia, and they are living and working in a regional area of Queensland. They have settled very well and their employer is very happy with the work they are doing. The employer and his family have helped this couple settle in their regional town. They have always been supportive. The couple love their life here in Australia.

They have just had their first child. Because this couple are temporary residents of Australia, their baby must have a visa to be legally staying in Australia. If she stays in Australia until she is 10 years old she may be eligible to become an Australian Citizen, or if her parents become permanent residents of Australia, she can be included in the visa. Once a permanent resident and when they meet the resident requirements this family will be able to apply for Australian Citizenship.

If you are in this situation, it is important to advise Australian Immigration as soon as possible so your child can gain a visa to be legally living in Australia.

Just recently we received a phone call from a desperate parent, who had purchased tickets to fly to Bali. She was on a subclass 457 temporary visa and they had a child in Australia. They were not able to take the baby on the plane with them as the baby did not have a visa to legally enter Australia.

If you would like to talk to anyone further about this situation, please contact us by filling in our survey at or email us at - we would love to hear from you!

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