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COVID-19 and Employer Sponsored Temporary Work Visa’s

There are many different scenarios that you could be in if you hold this type of Visa. We can provide generic information here, but for advice tailored to your specific situations, please get in touch with us, either by going to and filling in our survey or email us at

If you have been stood down or had your hours reduced, your visa should remain valid. The business that is sponsoring you will have the opportunity to extend your visa as with the normal arrangements. You will not be in breach of your visa conditions if your hours are reduced due to COVID-19.

If you have lost your job due to COVID-19, you will need to find another suitable employer

within 60 days or make arrangements for leaving Australia. If this is not possible due to border restrictions, we suggest you get in touch with us as soon as possible, as you will need to maintain a valid visa. We can help with finding the best option for you.

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