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COVID-19 and Expiring Visa Holders

If you are on a temporary visa and are unable to support yourself for the next six months or your visa is due to or has expired, you are encouraged to return to your home country as soon as possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not a valid excuse to be here unlawfully.

If you cannot leave Australia due to border restrictions, you should find another valid visa pathway. A bridging visa will keep you lawfully in Australia until you need to depart or are granted a new visa.

The decisions you make now may impact on your ability to gain a visa at a later date, so it is best to speak to an expert. We are here to help and are experts in finding the visa pathway that is right for you, whether it be a bridging visa, or a more long term visa.

Please get in touch either by going to and filling in our survey or email us at

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