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Do you want to have a child in Australia?

With a new decade approaching, many people will be planning for the next 10 years of their life. For some this may include the birth of a new baby. Some people will be starting a family, while others will be extending their family. In Australia, the statistics show that one child is born every one minute and forty six seconds in Australia and 309,142 per year. If you are a temporary resident living in Australia wishing to have a child, your child will most likely not be an Australian citizen . For a child to become an Australian citizen at least one of the parents must be a permanent resident or an Australian citizen. However if the baby is born off shore with parents who are permanent residents of Australia, the baby will not be an Australian citizen. for a baby born off shore to be an Australian citizen, one parent must be an Australian citizen prior to the birth of the baby. If you are a temporary resident of Australia your child will need to be added to your temporary resident visa .

If you are considering having a child, contact us to see what right your child will have and whether they need a visa to ensure they are legally living in Australia.

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