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Introducing Our Youngest Case!

Introducing our youngest Australian Citizen

The real names of this family have not been identified for privacy reasons. We are using the names of Tom and Sarah and Annie for their daughter.

Tom and Sarah fell in love, from two different sides of the world. They soon became Husband and Wife. Tom saved all his annual leave to visit Sarah in Africa, and returned with mixed feeling of happiness to have seen her, and sad feelings as they missed each other very much. Their love is pure and strong, always staying true and loyal to each other. Surviving on WhatsApp, videos, text messages and phone conversations – technology is wonderful. Even though the time differences were so great between the two countries, they said good morning and good night every single day. After multiple visits, they found out some big news. Just before Tom was leaving to come back to Australia he found out he was going to be a father. The soon to be father had to return, and persisted to support Sarah whilst being in a long-distance relationship.

When Sarah went into labour she rang Tom. Tom says he will never forget that phone call and the excitement they both felt. A few hours later their first beautiful daughter arrived. Tom said she is perfect! Their little girl was given the traditional name of her grandparent. Sarah was so happy she could not wait to ring Tom and send him a video of their newborn. Tom was an Australian citizen when Annie was born, even though she was born in Africa, we helped them with the process of Australian citizenship. Annie is the youngest child we have had they joy of processing to citizenship. Annie will arrive in Australia as a holder of an Australian passport. Tom and Sarah have applied for their partner visa and we have asked for permanent resident priority given the length of their relationship and the birth of their Australian child. We will keep you posted on the outcome!

It is people like Tom, Sarah and Annie that gives us the energy and the love for the work that we do! All About Immigration would love to have you apart of the family. Visit and fill in the contact us and FREE assessment form. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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