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Father and Son Re-united.

This is an amazing story about one of our clients – his endurance, beliefs and love for his family have kept his dream alive. When we met him, he had applied for a partner visa for his wife and his son to join him in Australia. The Department were finalising his application, and asked for her to go to a health check. But she had gone missing. The war had come and the village was under attack. She could not be found.

You can just imagine the anguish, sadness and extreme shock that our client had felt. He went to find her but could not see her anywhere. There was a thought in his mind which he kept on dismissing that maybe she has died. There were mass killings during the invasion of their village, and perhaps she was one of them. He did not want to believe that, and still today he dreams that one day he will see her again. With their son, he was with another relative and ended up in a refugee camp.

When we met I asked if he would like to make his son an Australian Citizen by decent. He was an Australian Citizen when his son was born. So we did just that …. And I had the extreme pleasure of meeting this beautiful young boy. He was shy but happy and I could see the love between his father and his son. His father continually dreamt of being able to have his son with him every day and to raise him as he and his wife had planned. His son arrived in Australia as an Australian Citizen, on an Australian Passport. They are both settling into their life together very well in a regional area of Queensland. His son is learning English now and drew me a great picture when we met! We welcome them into our AAI family, and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

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