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Skilled Visa

If you are highly skilled and under 45 years of age, you may be eligible to migrate to Australia under a skilled category.  To determine your eligibility to migrate to Australia under the skilled category, an assessment will be made against the best possible pathway considering your occupation; years of experience; age; work experience. Different occupations are suitable for different visa categories. 

Skilled visas fall under onshore or offshore categories, with the option of becoming a temporary or permanent resident of Australia, depending on your circumstances.

If one of the conditions of working within your occupation is to be registered through a professional registering authority, then you must be registered before applying. You may also need to have a skills assessment through a specified skills assessing authority.

If you are a recent graduate you may be eligible for a temporary graduate visa that will provide you with a further 18 months to live, work and play in Australia. This is a temporary visa which may provide you with relevant work experience, or the opportunity to find a sponsor.


We look forward to working with you to establish the optimum pathway for your future in Australia as a skilled worker.  You can begin by completing our free online assessment or by contacting us today.

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